Big Ego’s by Leonard’s Bar & Bistro

Lemongrass & Australian Riesling Cordial, Malic Acid enhanced Green Apple clarified through coconut milk they emulsified with wonderfoam. We add a splash of Nero d'Avola red wine to lift up the fruity and spice tone of the cocktail.



50ml Feels Botanical VIVIFY
25ml Lemongrass & Reisling cordial
30ml Malic enhanced Green Apple
Coconut clarification
5 drops Wonderfaom
15ml Nero d'Avola wine float
Garnish with ginger and coconut tuile


Clarify Feels, cordial and citric green apple and batch the mixture.
Pour 110ml of mixture in shaker, add wondefoam and shake.
Strain into coupette, pour red wine to float and add garnish.
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