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Individually Blended with Mauricio Cury @Mezclub

Individually Blended with Mauricio Cury @Mezclub

In the coastal town of Byron Bay, where creativity thrives, there exists a culinary sanctuary that has become synonymous with innovation and enchantment. Nestled within this vibrant tapestry of flavours is Mez Club, a renowned restaurant that has captured the hearts and palates of locals and tourists alike. At the heart of Mez Club's intoxicating ambiance stands Mauricio Cury, an extraordinary bartender whose mastery of mixology elevates the craft to an art form. With an unrivaled expertise in blending flavours, and an infectious passion for his craft, Mauricio has established himself as a true maestro behind the bar, creating liquid art that entices, surprises, and delights. Join us as we embark on a journey into the world of Mauricio Cury, exploring the magic he conjures within each glass and the indelible mark he has left on Byron Bay's flourishing cocktail scene.

Name: Mauricio Cury
Where are you Living: Myocum, NSW (Byron Shire hinterland)
What you do: Bar Manager
Where do you work: The Mez Club, Byron Bay
Follow along: @themezclub
Feels Bask Cocktail @ The Mez Club
Which Feels Botanical Eau De Vie Spirits do you range: All of them. Have used Rouse and Vivify in cocktails in the past, currently listing a cocktail with Bask.

How did you start out in your industry & what are some of the venues you have worked in throughout your career? I started back when I was 18 years old as an internship during university back home in Brazil, as part of my Tourism and Hospitality bachelor's degree. I was waitstaff and host back them. In Australia, I’ve worked in a few places in Perth, WA such as Sneaky Tonys, and El Grotto and have been managing The Mez Club for the last 3 years.

What did you feel in an emotive sense when you first came into contact with the Feels Botanical brand and product range? Excitement - it was fresh. Fresh concept, branding and product.

What were the synergies between the Feels brand and your venue? There is a clear aesthetic synergy, both brands simply look good together. Mez is also a Mediterranean restaurant with a strong focus on local brands and products/produce, so it only makes sense to range Eau De Vie Spirit with Australian botanicals and pair the flavours with our cuisine.
Feels Bask Cocktail @ The Mez Club
How and why did you want to utilise Feels Botanical as a product offering to your clientele? Mostly in cocktails. Why? Because it is local, fresh, is somehow Mediterranean and most importantly, it's delicious and offers a wide range of flavours to inspire cocktail creation.

Tell us about the place you tap into when you work on bringing to life a drink within your venue? My brain is mostly logical, rather than amazingly creative like a few other bartenders out there, so I usually try to start by demand, once I figure there is a demand for something I will get started. That said, a lot of other times it just happens, someone bringing a new product, a casual conversation, one more shot of tequila and a new idea is born.

When do you feel most creative? When I am drinking. Not joking!

Where do you look for inspiration? Cocktail books and magazines, Tarantino movies and rock’n’roll albums. But above all, other bartenders and chefs.

When I’m feeling burnt out I like to? I wind down and reset by going for a wave at the north side of the Brunswick River mouth.
Feels Bask Cocktail @ The Mez Club
My favourite way to drink Feels? Feels Bask is in our signature cocktail “What Up Charlie” here at The Mez Club.

When I’m drinking What Up Charlie I set the mood with this song: Ms. Ho - Omra

The person (dead or alive) I’d most like to drink it with? Definitely David Bowie. Second is Barak Obama.

What you may not know about me? I am NOT an alcoholic.

Advice to those wanting to get into your field? Bartending is the most fun job/career that ever existed.

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