Feels Botanical ROUSE 200ml 33% abv with Capi Soda 4 pack

Feels Botanical ROUSE 200ml 33% abv

Rouse is all about enhancing the passion in emotion. True to its name, Rouse stirs feelings of passion and desire. It’s the spark of new love (or self-love) and the discovery of new horizons. It’s the enchantment of a full heart, secret smiles and floating through a rose-coloured mist.

A delicate and beautifully floral spirit, with stewed rhubarb, musk and fruit it pairs perfectly with Capi Soda Water & a handful of berries.

All Natural and Sustainably Sourced Botanicals. Gluten, Grain &  Preservative Free, with No Added Sugar.

100% Australian made & owned.


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