Feels Botanical Vivify Eau de Vie grape spirit & MAHŌ Sensory

Create the ultimate sensorial experience with Feels Revel & MAHŌ Sensory White Musk

We have collaborated with MAHŌ to make a little magic and create the ultimate sensorial experiences at home

Rewriting an Old Story.⁠ An innovation to the classic incense, MAHŌ Sensory sticks combine natural, aromatic resin with a refined blend of premium perfumes – creating a collection of contemporary home fragrances.⁠

Maho White Musk combines perfectly with Feels Vivify's botanical trio of Ginger, Coconut & Turmeric. Set the sensorial experiences by lighting a MAHŌ incense, pour a Vivify over ice, top with Capi Yuzu, add with a wedge of lime, and press play on the Vivify sounds like playlist.

Limited to 5 packs only.  

MAHŌ Sensory White Musk, Valued at $35 RRP.


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