Velvety, delicate, complex, distinctive and versatile, Feels Botanical is the perfect spirit to concoct your favourite cocktails using the very best nature has to offer.

Each of our products are distilled with their own combination of sustainably sourced and natural botanicals creating a harmony of flavours to compliment your very own mood and occasion.

Explore your own creativity to reflect your unique style, mood or occasion.

Surrounded by Nature

Slow down and Bask in pleasant warmth. Wander freely among the trees, relax with a mountain river swim, tell tall tales around the campfire. Far from home, time has eloped and we surrender wilfully to nature allowing us to drift in a daze of earthly euphoria.

We selected Quandong and Kakadu plum - relatively unknown botanicals traditionally integrated for their vitamin C and antioxidant benefits. The Kakadu Plum is one of the most powerful superfoods on Earth – with exceptional nutritional and antiseptic properties that have been important in Northern Australia for thousands of years. And not forgetting the bright red ‘Wild Peach’ of the desert – a combination too fabulous to ignore. The freshness and fruit element contrasts beautifully with the earthiness of the hemp. A blissfully crisp and herbal spirit with a subtle spice.

Get lost in the all-absorbing feeling of being nurtured by Mother Nature. Serve over ice and top with Mediterranean Tonic water and a lemon wedge or put a twist on a classic cocktail.

Slow down and Bask in pleasant warmth.

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Basking Tommys

Savour under the warmth of the afternoon sun and enjoy the beautiful combination of sweet and sour with crisp apples and herbal notes.

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Bask in the all-absorbing feeling of being nurtured by Mother Nature.

Tropical Daze

Serendipity has brought us here. We Venture into the unknown as the rolling waves lap on the pure white sand before us. Embark on an adventurous weekend or a long overdue brunch with mates. Dive into new experiences and invite the sound, the feeling, to Vivify your senses as you frolic in the exciting flutter of what lies ahead. Breathe in the encounter.

We selected Coconut (traditionally utilised for hydration, Vitamin B and Magnesium properties) to contrast the spiciness of the ginger and turmeric, which bring heat to the spirit profile. Long used in Ayurvedic and Asian cultures Ginger and Turmeric have been used to treat inflammation and support immunity and digestion.

A vibrant and soothing spirit – turmeric and ginger embody refreshment and the opportunity of a new beginning with the delicate sweetness of coconut lingering long after the first sip. Enjoy in good company and serve over ice and top with ginger beer and a lime wedge or as a twist on a classic cocktail.

Breathe in the encounter.

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Vivifying Mojito

This is paradise uncharted - the sweet and spiced flavours are balanced beautifully with the freshness of coconut water and mint.

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Worlds apart yesterday, inseparable today. This is paradise uncharted.

Indulge Your Passion

Passionately reconnect… with friends, cities, a lost lover. The spark of new love and discovery of new horizons. Inspire your creative side and let your romantic soul be enchanted by precious moments under neon lights or midnight stars. True to its name, Rouse stirs feelings of passion and desire.

We selected Davidson Plum (traditionally utilised for its antioxidant and vitamin E properties) to offer a sweet contrast to the earthy undertones of horny goat weed (a natural aphrodisiac). The gorgeously coloured plum fruit is one of the thousands of native edible plants growing abundantly in the rainforests of Queensland and NSW.

A delicate and beautifully floral spirit enriched with notes of stewed rhubarb, stone fruit and musk - enjoy the natural rose blush over ice in a wine glass with soda and berries or create your own signature cocktail.

Savour those precious moments.

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Rousing Collins

Sometimes I stir, other times I conjure. On Fridays I rouse with the refreshing flavours of stone fruit, musk and zest.

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Old flames ignite, and a creative fire surges in unison.

A Toast to the Night

Revel in the new. Embody the energy, excitement and movement of everything around you. Immerse yourself within the experience of the now. Explore those new streets in a new city, indulge in decadent sunsets on the rooftop and charge yourself with natural energy. A beautiful tribe of colour, texture and sound. Soak up the pleasure and delight. Revel in it all. Here and now, everything is exactly as it should be.

We selected Illawarra Plum (long considered one of the highest sources of antioxidants by Indigenous Australians) for its fruity and sweet flavour profile. Combined with the Eau De Vie grape spirit, it contrasts the bitter and spiciness of the coffee and Ginseng (natural stimulants) to deliver a unique and complex flavour profile.

A lively and seductively smooth spirit, enjoy the enticing flavours of Ginseng, coffee and Illawarra Plum in a botanical line-up charged to inspire your boisterous side. Straight up, over ice with a wedge of orange or create it your way.

Here and now, everything is exactly as it should be.

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Old Fashioned Revel

This is certainly not old fashioned. Fresh, bright and flavoursome. Our twist on the classic old fashion is the here and now, everything as it should be.

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The energy is electric as it leaves one host and calls upon another to play

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