Eau De Vie

Eau De Vie is essentially an unaged brandy, it can be made from any type of fruit.

Though orchard fruit like Pear, Plum and Apple are most commonly used to make Eau De Vie, they’re far from the only options.

French for “water for life,” Eau De Vie has a rich tapestry, steeped in European history and drinking culture. France is revered as it’s birthplace, but Eau De Vie also stems from Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy and now, Australia.

Utilising Australia’s unique access and reputation for producing some of the worlds most sought after grapes, we have selected a premium Eau De Vie grape as the base spirit of Feels Botanical for several specific reasons;

  • Velvety mouthfeel and complex flavour profile delivers an unrivalled sensory experience
  • Ability to accentuate the unique notes and tones of the native botanical inclusions
  • Quality of Australia's viticulture industry
  • Growing market trend away from grain and gluten-based offerings
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