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Feels 'Watermelon' cocktail at Tweed River House

Individually Blended with Aaron Wigg @Tweed River House

Located in the picturesque town of Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Tweed River House has become renowned for its exquisite dining experiences, captivating ambience, and innovative beverage offerings. At the heart of the culinary magic lies Aaron Wigg, the multi-talented Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager, and Sommelier. With his deep passion for mixology and an unwavering commitment to delivering memorable experiences, Aaron has garnered a reputation for crafting extraordinary cocktails. Today, we sit down with Aaron to discuss his creative journey and the role Feels Botanical plays in his enchanting libations.

Name: Aaron Wigg
Where are you Living: Alstonville, NSW
What you do: Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager & Sommelier
Where do you work: Tweed River House
Which Feels Botanical products do you range:
We’re currently serving “Watermelon” with Feels Rouse and “Coconut” with Feels Vivify.
Feels 'Watermelon' cocktail at Tweed River House
How did you start in your industry & what are some of the venues you have worked in throughout your career?
My first hospo job was working in a Turkish restaurant in downtown Auckland, NZ, which helped me come out of my shell. Since then, I’ve worked in and managed venues in NZ, Scotland, Germany, and, more recently, the Northern Rivers. One of the highlights was when I was the assistant manager of a luxury lodge in New Zealand, and our neighbour was James Cameron (not Peter Jackson - he lived further up the road, lol); I often had beers with his son.
What did you feel in an emotive sense when you first came into contact with the Feels Botanical brand and product range?
I felt wonder and excitement when I first came into contact with the Feels Botanical range because it’s unique, and the products are well made - elegant and complex.
What were the synergies between the Feels brand and your venue?
The Feels brand produces quality products, and at the Tweed River House, we try to provide quality food, beverages, and service; the range is also well thought out, and at TRH, we likewise try and be intentional with everything we do.
Feels 'Coconut' cocktail at Tweed River House
How and why did you want to utilise Feels as a product offering to your clientele?
I wanted to use the Feels range because it’s innovative and versatile. By using the products in cocktails, it starts the dialogue about who and what Feels is.
Tell us about the place you tap into when you work on bringing to life a drink within your venue? Nice question. For me, it’s a creative space inside me that I don’t know; I guess you could compare it to Pandora in The Avatar: a place of wonder, imagination, and unlimited possibilities.
Is there a person or artist(s) that first inspired you?
The artists who have probably influenced me the most from a young age would be Antoni Gaudi (the architect), Salvador Dali, and Ferran Adria (the chef) - I guess I love the element of “organic innovation” in all their works.
When do you feel most creative…
When I’m in bed, just before I fall asleep.
Where do you look for inspiration?
Conceptual inspiration I often get from observing nature but also from other arts:
cinema, music, dance, and art. Flavour combinations inspiration I often get from food/cooking and wine.
Feels cocktails at Tweed River House
When I’m feeling burnt out, I wind down and reset by…
Going for a walk, reading a book, or watching Meateater on Netflix. 
My favourite way to drink Feels Rouse is?
In our cocktail "Watermelon".
When I’m drinking “Watermelon,” I set the mood with this song:
Evan Finds the Third Room by Khruangbin
The person (dead or alive) I’d most like to drink it with…
Leo Tolstoy
What you may not know about me…
Recently, I went to Samoa and became a Chief.
Advice to those wanting to get into your field:
Investigate, experiment, create - there are no limits.
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