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Rouse Cocktails

Feels Rouse Native Spritz

The ultimate refresher without the prosecco! Explore Rouse's blend of delicate botanicals, including Rose, Horny Goat Weed, and Davidson Plum alongside the delectable Regal Rogue vermouth that combines its own botanical wonder of Strawberry gum, Illawarra plum and Rosella. Sip, savour & enjoy!

Rouse and Soda

Rouse and Soda is a refreshing and light cocktail that showcases the floral aromas and complex flavours of Feels Botanical Rouse. When mixed with soda, the botanicals are accentuated, making it a perfect choice for those who want a subtle yet sophisticated drink.

Feels Rouse Negroni

Experience the delightful Rouse Negroni, made with 60ml Feels Botanical ROUSE, 20ml Regal Rogue Wild Rose, and 10ml Okar Island Bitters. This sophisticated cocktail is topped off with a garnish of orange peel, adding a hint of citrus to the blend. Enjoy the unique and complex flavour profile of this Negroni, perfect for any occasion.

Rouse Martini

Indulge in the sophisticated Rouse Martin. The blend of ROUSE's rose and plum notes with the wild rose vermouth's botanical flavours creates a unique, refreshing taste. Sip on this perfectly balanced drink garnished with rose petals and let the flavours dance on your palate.

Rouse, Soda and Tonic

Experience a refreshing and invigorating twist on the classic gin and tonic with the Feels Botanical Rouse, Soda and Tonic cocktail. This revitalising beverage features the aromatic and flavourful Rouse, expertly paired with crisp tonic water and effervescent soda water.

Rousing Collins

The Rousing Collins is a perfect Friday drink, with refreshing flavours of stone fruit, musk, and zest that will lift your spirits and awaken your senses. With Feels Botanical ROUSE, lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda, this drink is a breeze to make but delivers complex and satisfying flavours.

Light on the Horizon

Light on the Horizon is a cocktail that symbolises the beauty of nature's eternal cycle. It represents the transition from night to day and is a delightful blend of fresh fruit, earthy tones, and subtle sweetness that creates an everlasting horizon of flavour.

4pm Wake up Call

As the clock strikes 4, creative energy awakens and old flames ignite. In the flurry of the night unfolding, curious creators mingle in a feverish frenzy over the tropical fruit and spice flavours of the 4pm Wake up Call cocktail. With Feels Botanical ROUSE as the key ingredient, complemented by a hint of Wild Berry Shrub and Regal Rogue Wild Rose, the drink is topped with a refreshing soda fizz.

Davidson’s Lust by The Throsby

Enjoy the Davidson's Lust cocktail created by The Throsby. This delightful cocktail features the floral notes of Feels Botanical ROUSE paired with the fruity sweetness of strawberry vermouth and sparkling rose. The addition of bitters and Fever-Tree Grapefruit Soda creates a perfectly balanced cocktail that will leave you craving more.

Drink of the Day by WET Bar

Enjoy the Drink of the Day by WET Bar, a refreshing and gentle cocktail that highlights native botanicals with a burst of fresh watermelon and aromatic fennel. Sip on the delightful combination of Feels Botanical ROUSE, Watermelon & Berry Fizz, and Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water, garnished with fennel leaves.

Right in the Feels by Jolene's

Crafted by Jolene's, this refreshing summer cocktail highlights the delicate flavours of rose and plum. The result is a tantalising and refreshing botanical spritz that is perfect for hot summer days and lush afternoons.

Vivid Gibson by Clooney

It is a vivid sun set in a cocktail glass, a symphony of citrus sweet & savoury refreshing notes that are both refreshing and satisfying. The combination of Feels Botanical ROUSE, prickly pear aperitivo, sweet vermouth, and a dash of Rubhrub tincture creates a symphony of flavours that dance on the palate. This cocktail is perfect for those looking for a unique and flavourful drink to enjoy.

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Explore the world of Feels and embark on a journey of sensory discovery. Each sip can transport you to a different place and time, evoking a unique set of emotions and sensations.Search our cocktails by each unique Feels expression.

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