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Progressive Apothecary

The art of the apothecary - mixing compounds according to the specific health needs of a patient - dates back to 2200 B.C. in ancient China, where the medicinal values of herbs were sought out and investigated. During the latter part of the eighth century, the first apothecaries appeared in Baghdad, selling medicines, syrups, tonics, perfumes, and wines. This approach to pharmacy spread throughout Europe and as greater scientific rigor was applied to medicine, alchemists (who relied largely on herbs and magic) were replaced by apothecaries.

Introduction to the Progressive Apothecary approach by Feels Botanical, blending ancient practices with modern botanical distillation

Embracing these ancient practices and history, Feels Botanical embodies the apothecarian spirit by, once again, combining alcohol with a unique set of native, natural and sustainably sourced botanicals, each known to possess certain therapeutic benefits and impart certain characteristics and flavours to the liquid.

Finally, after years of sourcing, trial, experimentation and liquid-development, botanical distillation, blending ratios, mouthfeel and flavour-arcs with our specialised team of experts lead by Blake Vanderfield-Kramer, we have created four unique botanical variations - each distinctive and versatile - delivering an unrivalled sensory experience.

 Feels Botanical embodies the apothecarian spirit.

Tommy's Margarita made with Feels Botanical Bask


We selected Quandong and Kakadu plum - relatively unknown botanicals traditionally integrated for their vitamin C and antioxidant benefits - to add freshness and a fruit element to the liquid and contrast with the earthiness of the hemp. Combined with the Eau De Vie grape spirit, these botanicals create not only a unique flavour profile, but an oily mouth texture and depth of character.

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Mojito Cocktail made with Feels Botanical Vivify Eau De Vie Grape Spirit


We selected Coconut (traditionally utilised for hydration, Vitamin B and Magnesium properties) to contrast the spiciness of the ginger and turmeric, which brings the heat to the spirit profile. Long used in Ayurvedic and Asian cultures Ginger and Turmeric have been used to treat inflammation and support immunity and digestion.

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Unique cocktails made with Feels Botanical Rouse Eau De Vie Grape Spirit


We selected Davidson Plum (traditionally utilised for its antioxidant and vitamin E properties) to offer a sweet contrast to the earthy undertones of horny goat weed (a natural aphrodisiac). They are both completed by the floral notes of the Rose and work in harmony with the Eau De Vie grape spirit.

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Negroni cocktail made with Feels Botanical Revel Eau De Vie Grape Spirit


We selected Illawarra Plum, long considered one of the highest sources of antioxidants by Indigenous Australians, for its fruity & sweet flavour profile. Combined with the Eau De Vie grape spirit, it contrasts the bitter and spiciness of the coffee and ginseng (natural stimulants) to deliver a unique and complex flavour profile.

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