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Feels Botanical Bask, Eau De Vie Grape Spirit 43% abv

Feels Botanical Bask Eau De Vie Grape Spirit
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Feels Bask; a moody meeting of Quandong, Kakadu Plum, and Hemp. Blissfully crisp, deeply earthy, lowkey spicy, and delivering a silky mouth texture, this eau de vie drinks like a good tequila—only much smoother and made from grapes. Less filtration for a natural, cloudy outlook.

Tasting Notes

A blissfully crisp and herbal spirit with notes of stewed plum and green apple enriches this grape spirit, finished with subtle spice.

How To Serve

Savour under the warmth of the afternoon sun. Serve over ice and top with your choice of Soda or Tonic water and a lemon wedge or as a twist on a classic cocktail like The Basking Tommys Margarita 


International Wine & Spirit Competition 2021 – BRONZE

Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2021 - SILVER

London Spirits Competition 2022 - BRONZE

Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022 - BRONZE

London Spirits Competition 2023 - BRONZE

Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022 - BRONZE

43% ABV

Natural, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Vegan, Preservative Free, No Added Sugar, Sustainably Sourced, 100% Australian made & owned.

Feels Botanical Bask Eau De Vie Grape Spirit Tommys Margarita Recipe
Feels Botanical Bask Eau De Vie Grape Spirit

Bask Cocktails

Feels Bask & Soda

A new alternative to create a twist on your favourite cocktail. Savour under the warmth of the afternoon sun and enjo...

Feels Bask x Cocktail Porter Elderflower Gimlet

The ideal way to savour a sophisticated and delicious drink without any hassle. Simply chill, pour, and indulge in the alluring blend of Feels Bask's lush and warm notes, balanced with the delicate sweetness of elderflower and the zest of lime. Experience an elevated at-home drinking experience with Feels Botanical and Cocktail Porter.
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