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What is Feels Botanical

Feels Botanical is a unique range of Australian Botanical Eau de vie grape spirits individually blended by hand.

Where do you distill Feels Eau De Vie? 

At a B-Corp Certified Vineyard in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Owned and run by a family. 

Does Feels Botanical add sugar to the spirit?

No, why would you do that! 

Is Feels Botanical 100% Australian made & owned?

Yes, and very proud to be. 

Is the whole Feels Botanical range gluten and grain free?

Yes, 100% gluten and grain free #grapeovergrain 

Does Feels Botanical only source sustainable botanicals? 

Yes. We are lucky to work alongside a B Corp Certified distillery who only sources the most sustainable ingredients including our botanicals. 

What is Eau De Vie 

Essentially, it's an unaged brandy, made from any type of fruit. Orchard fruits like pear, plum, and apple are most commonly used in Europe due to regulations around grape production, but they're far from the only options, enter Feels who utilised the Australian Grapes and created Eau De Vie Grape Spirit. 

Why did you select Eau De Vie? 

Because Australia has the most unique access and reputation for producing some of the world's most sought-after grapes and with this you get the velvetiest mouthfeel and complex flavour profile.  

What is the process of making Feels Eau De Vie?
  1. Base Spirit: We start with Australian wine, which is distilled into a spirit as the base for our range. This spirit category is called Eau de vie, an unaged brandy made from orchard fruit—in our case, grapes.
  2. Maceration: We then macerate (soak) three key (non-gin) botanicals into the Eau de vie grape spirit.
  3. Distillation: A second distillation of these botanicals in the grape spirit is done in a pot still.
  4. Post-Distillation Maceration: Post-distillation, we perform another maceration of a key botanical to add additional flavour and natural sediment to the bottle. Yes, you may find sediment in your bottle—it’s meant to be there!
How did Feels come about? 

Feels originated from the minds of two Australian friends who believed their drinking experiences could reflect the same creativity and novelty they found in other areas of their lives. To devise a solution, they looked no further than their roots – the indigenous botanicals native to Australia. These botanicals are steeped in history and presented a refreshing avenue for new sensory experiences.

How to drink a Feels? Is it super complicated? 

Not at all! It's distilled with great quality botanicals that gives it a flavour profile like no other which simple means you can enjoy neat, over ice or add soda to create that quick yet refreshing drink. For those seeking a twist on the classics, then Feels is the perfect alternative. Whether it's Feels Bask in a Tommy's Margarita, Feels Vivify in a Daiquiri, Feels Revel in an Old Fashioned, or Feels Rouse in a Martini, Feels adds a layer of sophistication, ease and a twist to these classic cocktails.

Is Feels Botanical a Gin?

No, we are not a gin, as we use a different base spirit (Eau De Vie) & non gin botanicals in Feels.  

Can I drink it as an alternative to gin, tequila or vodka? 

 Absolutely, we are a clear spirit just like the above, that is just waiting to be mixed with your favourite mixer. Think Feels and Soda, Feels and ginger beer or sub out the tequila and add Feels Bask for that delicious Margarita. 

Does Feels have alcohol in it?

Yes, it sure does! Vivify and Bask are both 43% while Rouse and Revel are 33%. 

Will I get high from the hemp in Bask?

I'm not sure, will you? Ha, no you definitely won't but sitting at 43% alcohol, you may feel a little tingle of warmness throughout your body when consuming Bask. 

Will the coffee in Revel give me a buzz?

It will give you a buzz but not that coffee buzz. Revel is a spirit that is energising yet smooth. The coffee will awaken one's senses yet calm them in otherways. 

Will the Horny Goat Weed in Rouse get me horny?

Depends on how horny you are before drinking a Rouse! But no, it won't make you a Horny goat, you don't have to worry. The Rose and Davidson Plum tame the goat whilst being macerated.  

Why is there sediment in the liquid? 

After the Pot distillation we then perform another maceration of a chosen key botanical to add additional flavour and natural sediment to the bottle. This helps prolong that natural flavour from the sustainable key botanical. 

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