Distilled from Australian grapes & sustainably sourced botanicals


Born in the ancient, wild and fertile Australian continent, we embrace the wonders of our natural home to deliver a holistic drinking experience and ignite feelings within us all.

We use Australian grapes that have been fermented, turned into wine and then distilled into an Eau De Vie grape spirit as the base for feels.

The result is the softest, velvety base of superior quality, flavour profile and mouthfeel, with the ability to accentuate complex and delicate botanicals - creating a harmony of flavours that complement a spectrum of moods and occasions.

Our Feels range is natural and sustainably sourced, free from gluten, grains and preservatives and with no added sugar – that is proudly 100% Australian made and owned.


Honest. Natural. Expressive. Raw.

We embrace the ancient practices and history of the apothecarian spirit, combining alcohol with a unique set of native, natural and sustainably sourced botanicals known to possess therapeutic benefits and impart characteristics and flavours to the spirit.


Our Mission

to ignite a creative energy and consciousness in people, utilising nature and a progressive approach towards ancient apothecary wisdom. We are a proud partner of 1% for the planet

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