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Feels Journal

Blake Chats with Henry Hammerslac of Applewood Distillery

In a captivating conversation, Feels Botanical co-founder Blake sat down with Henry Hammerslac from Applewood Distill...

Nature Matters: Crafting Our Eau De Vie with Sustainability at Heart

At Feels Botanical, we're not just crafting spirits; we're curating experiences. Rooted in a deep respect for nature ...

Better together: Feels Botanical joins Cape Byron Distillery 

In a significant move that reflects the evolving Australian liquor and hospitality landscape Feels Botanical has announced a strategic partnership with Cape Byron Distillery for the Sales and Distribution of their brand within the Australian market. This collaboration marks...

Explore Our Cocktails

Feels Bask & Soda

A new alternative to create a twist on your favourite cocktail. Savour under the warmth of the afternoon sun and enjo...

Feels Bask x Cocktail Porter Elderflower Gimlet

The ideal way to savour a sophisticated and delicious drink without any hassle. Simply chill, pour, and indulge in the alluring blend of Feels Bask's lush and warm notes, balanced with the delicate sweetness of elderflower and the zest of lime. Experience an elevated at-home drinking experience with Feels Botanical and Cocktail Porter.

Feels Botanical Gift Box

We understand that choosing just one Feels Botanical Eau de vie Grape Spirit can be a difficult choice, as each one has its unique qualities and charm. That's why we've created the Feels Botanical Gift Box, allowing you to indulge in all of them.

Presented beautifully, this gift box is perfect for treating yourself or gifting to your loved ones. Explore and discover the captivating aromas, flavours, and textures of each Feels Botanical Eau de vie Grape Spirit, allowing you to savour the unique experience that each one has to offer.

Indulge yourself or your loved ones in this exquisite collection, and discover your favourite Feels Botanical today.


Discover Your Feels

Each of our Eau de vie grape spirits are distilled with its own collection of three sustainably sourced and natural botanicals - creating a harmony of flavours that compliment a spectrum of moods, occasions and drinks that can be enjoyed straight, mixed or as a twist on a classic cocktail.

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