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The Feels Journey

Over lunch in 2019, we were reflecting on our futures and realised we were both at somewhat of a pivotal point in our lives. Seeking greater meaning and purpose and with a greater priority on family and a connection with nature, we set out to create something real, something authentic and with purpose. We explored the idea of a new alcohol brand that approached consumption differently, that was creative and true and that paid respect to Australia’s natural bounty and its rich history.

We embarked on what ultimately became many years of research, trial and development. Researching centuries-old Apothecary tradition, studying the process of combining alcohol with natural ingredients to deliver therapeutic benefits, dating back to 2600BC. Researching native, unique and widely unknown Australian botanicals, the question soon became - "what if we combined more obscure, native Australian botanicals with alcohol?" It was definitely ambitious, a touch "weird scientist" , but we committed ourselves to challenge the orthodoxy. In order to start however, we needed an alcohol.

Discover Feels Botanical Eau De Vie Grape Spirit Story

Eau de vie - French for 'water of life'

Considering the abundance of world-renowned grapes on our doorstep in Australia, we began exploring the process of distilling grapes to create alcohol, an art known as “Eau de vie” (known as “water of life” in France) that dated back centuries. France is revered as it’s birthplace, but Eau de vie also stems from Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy. After the very first taste, we realised eau de vie – with superior taste, velvety mouthfeel and unrivalled quality – was the finest base for our spirit.

Get Them Feels

The resulting process, that of distilling Australian Eau De Vie with sustainably sourced, native Australian botanicals, became what we proudly hand bottle today: Feels.


Where we are made

Take the winding road through the rolling Adelaide hills – the region of inspiration – with crisp air, stunning scenery, woodland shade, labyrinthine valleys, and nature all around. Down the dusty dirt road, past rows of vineyards, you’ll find the distillery where Feels Botanical is crafted. While the grapes ripen in the beautifully warm days despite experiencing cooler nights, you’ll find the Feels Botanical team revelling in the beauty of the surroundings, stimulating their souls and creating the delight that is Feels.

Our distillation partner is the only Certified B-corp distillery in Australia. They specialise in sourcing native Australian botanicals and opt for sustainable farming and production methods across their entire manufacturing and supply chain.


Our Story at Feels Botanical, detailing the journey of crafting sustainable & uniquely blended Eau De Vie Spirits.

How we make it

Utilising the abundance of high-quality Australian grapes, which are fermented into wine and then distil into a high proof Eau de Vie grape spirit that forms the base of all feels expression.

Eau de vie is the pinnacle of grape alcohol – naturally elegant in structure, it has similar wine-like characteristics and layered with spice. It’s an indulgence your palate can’t resist.

We hand blend each individual, sustainably sourced and natural botanical with the eau de vie grape spirit in a copper pot still. After macerating for a period of time and running a gentle distillation process, we carefully extract the heart of the spirit and cut with water. A truly memorable moment.

The harmony of flavours are perfectly matched to your emotions and senses. And it’s free of gluten, grain and preservatives with no added sugar – that is proudly Australian made and owned. We couldn’t be prouder.

Progressive apothecary
Meet the founders of Feels Botanical Eau De Vie Spirits

As the creators of Feels Botanical, we don't just recognise our differences, we celebrate them.

Individually Blended

As the creators of Feels, we’re united in our vision, but incredibly different as individuals. Blake lives and breathes spirit development. From the careful consideration of key ingredients to the overall viscosity and mouth feel of the liquid, for Blake, it is all about the craft. He has a deep passion for the creative process that has helped fuel 15 years of success building and creating alcohol brands for both independent businesses and multinational companies. In contrast, Steve does not live or breathe alcohol development. Rather, the creation of brands and properties that authentically add value to people's lives and connect with audiences.. For the last 17 years, Steve has developed global entertainment brands that have challenged conventions and in turn broken records.

It is the blending of the two of us that embodies the essence of Feels Botanical. From the distillation of three key botanicals, each adding its own value and flavour to the liquid – we celebrate inclusion whilst promoting individuality.

We extend this ethos to our product: paying tribute to the century-old tradition of the apothecary craft and Eau De Vie spirit making, whilst adopting a progressive approach towards its production and the botanical application. We surround ourselves with experts in their relative fields, honouring knowledge and expertise whilst challenging the orthodoxy and encouraging creative thinking. We take from the earth, only to give back to it and promote a collective consciousness, awareness and sense of responsibility.

Nature Matters

We embody environmental consciousness and sustainability throughout our entire business and production process.

As part of our continued approach toward promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, we have partnered with the global initiative 1% for the Planet. By donating 1% of Feels Botanical’s annual revenue, we’re doing our part to help fund deserving not-for-profits to continue their invaluable work to protect and nurture this planet of ours.

The distillery is B Corporation Certified – the only distillery in Australia to have this certification - as they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Feels Botanical Rouse Eau De Vie Grape Spirit

We embrace the wonders of nature to deliver a holistic drinking experience.

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