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Better together: Feels Botanical joins Cape Byron Distillery 

In a significant move that reflects the evolving Australian liquor and hospitality landscape Feels Botanical has announced a strategic partnership with Cape Byron Distillery for the Sales and Distribution of their brand within the Australian market. This collaboration marks...

Individually Blended with Matt Elsarky @Wildfirelounge

Unleash your inner explorer and uncover Glebe's best-kept secret, Wildfire Lounge! At the heart of the venue is Matt Elsarky, venue manager & head bartender. Matt's passion for pushing the boundaries of flavour...

Individually Blended with Aaron Wigg @Tweed River House

Located in the picturesque town of Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Tweed River House has become renowned for its exqui...

John Gakuru joins the Feels Family

The addition of John Gakuru to the Feels Botanical team is an exciting phase for the business and brand. Feels is continually focused on challenging the norm and invoking a deeper connection with your senses and life's experience. With John's...

Individually Blended with Mauricio Cury @Mezclub

In the coastal town of Byron Bay, where creativity thrives, there exists a culinary sanctuary that has become synonym...

What is Eau De Vie?

What is an eau de vie? Is it a new spirit or an old one? Is it technically a brandy? What kinds of fruits are they generally made from? Since launching our own grape-based eau de vie earlier this year, we’ve been blown away at the curiosity of Australian drinkers and their willingness to learn more about the history...

An evening with Muma.World

An evening to celebrate Muma.World and the launch of their new 'PRISM' collection. Muma.World, a brand that translat...

Individually Blended with Jack Conner @ Rosella's Bar

We sat down for a chat with Jack about all things Rosella's and where his creativity, productivity, and energy come from. Which Feels Botanical products do you range? All of them ;) Currently serving 'Fire Engine' which features Feels Rouse and 'Watermelon Gatorade' with Feels Bask.

Next Level Smoked Snapper

This recipe by Dan Churchill, our Culinary Creative, combines Feels Bask with lemongrass, ginger and chilli to create The Next Level Smoked Snapper. 

Feels Culinary Creative, Dan Churchill featured in Men's Health magazine

Learn more about where Dan, Feels Botanicals'  Culinary Creative, comes from, what drives him and some of his amazing business partnerships such as Chris Hemsworth's fitness app, Centr, Charlie Street restaurant NYC and Feels Botanical.

Feels Vivify ginger and lime prawns by Dan Churchill

This recipe by Dan Churchill, our Culinary Creative, combines Feels Vivify with ginger and lime-infused prawns. It is a flavourful and zesty dish that is sure to please your taste buds. The dish is garnished with fresh coriander and lime wedges, and can be served with your favourite side dish.

ALLUVION by Jack Bailey

Jack Bailey is a Byron Bay based, contemporary landscape artist with a sophisticated eye for abstraction, shape and tone, challenging traditional landscape photography through detailed exploration of formal elements within local & international environments. Discover his inspiration, motivation and get a look into the psyche of this revolutionary artist.

Explore More Cocktails

Explore the world of Feels and embark on a journey of sensory discovery. Each sip can transport you to a different place and time, evoking a unique set of emotions and sensations.Search our cocktails by each unique Feels expression.

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