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Through the Lens by Ben Osborne - Feels Botanical

Through the Lens by Ben Osborne

Brooding skies, wide open roads, a small car piled with a wily crew and their camera gear. An awe-inspiring drive from Noosa to the Adelaide Hills to shoot our first major motion campaign. 

Name: Ben Osborne 
Living: Noosa, Sunshine Coast, QLD, AUS 
For a living: Photographer 
Follow along: @benosbornephoto
Favourite Feels :  Feels Bask Tommy's Margarita 
Silverton Brumbies - Silverton, NSW
Whilst driving into the town of Silverton we pasted a mob of Brumbies grazing on the side of the road. We quickly turned around to take advantage of them being so close. As we got out of the car and slowly approached them, I started snapping away knowing they could get spooked and take off at any moment. The three of us somehow managed to get right up close with the brumbies and Saxon even managed to pet one for a moment before a car drove past and the mob fled. 
Into the storm -  Outback, NSW
After hearing reports of a storm brewing directly in our path we knew that we had no other choice but to face it head on on order to make it to out destination on time. This was the view from the seat we affectionately named “the quasi hole” as the car was so jam packed with camera gear that impeded this seat so much that you came out looking like Quasimodo. 
Getting sidetracked on our way inland - Outback, NSW
After driving for countless hours on our way to Broken Hill, we decided we’d had enough of sitting down so we pulled over on the side of the road to stretch our legs. The dirt road we decided to pull up at had a railway running straight through and as Sax was walking up and down the track I noticed a little rain squall above and framed it into this shot. 
Sunsets in the outback, NSW
Passing time in the car by snapping a few photos of the sunset out of the window. The colours were so orange. Definitely one of the coolest sunsets I’ve seen.
Full steam ahead -  Barrier Highway, NSW 
After driving parallel with a railway for a couple of hours with not much else around I was starting to get a bit restless in the car, hoping something interesting would come along soon. We finally caught up to a train and to keep myself occupied I shot a few images of the train then began trying to count how many carriages it had attached. The Train was so long I lost count about halfway.
The road to nowhere - Outback, NSW 
As we drove down a long dirt road en route to some big wind turbines in the middle of the desert I noticed another road veering off to the left. It had a private road sign picketed next to it and as we drove past I took a photo wondering what was at the end of the road. 
House on the hill - SA
Not long after passing through the south Australia border it was pretty crazy how drastic the landscape had changed.  We left behind the arid desert and were suddenly treated to beautiful rolling hills. Being a quiet person I was quite happy to take photos from the car as to not interrupt the trip. The boys encouraged me to speak up if I saw an opportunity to jump out and take my time to set up a shot. I noticed this little brick house sitting upon a wheat field and knew this was as good of a time as any to jump out and snap away.
Waiting for lightning to strike - Wilcannia, NSW
Just after we passed through the town of Wilcannia we noticed a huge lightning storm off to our right. It was pretty far away and the spot we pulled over wasn’t the best place to shoot but we took any excuse to get out of the car and stretch our legs once again. We tried our best to set up a shot but the lightning always managed to just miss the frame. Standard haha. Although I only managed to come away with one image of the lightning it was still a super beautiful scene to capture as the colours were really popping off. 
Vineyard views - Barossa valley, SA
Whilst roaming a vineyard one cloudy afternoon with Shane capturing close up details of the grapes themselves I took a moment to stand back and take in where we were. As I was looking around the clouds parted and the light hit a vineyard across the way. The green colours went crazy as I captured this image and the beautiful landscape around me.
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