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In Spirit: A Mood For Each Expression - Feels Botanical

In Spirit: A Mood For Each Expression

Bask, Vivify, Revel, and Rouse embodied as a feeling, destination, taste and sound. Get ready to be transported.
If you’ve been following along so far, you may have glimpsed our genesis story, joined us from vineyard to distillery for a technical tour and travelled even further back to 14th Century France for a brief history of eau de vie. But what about the moods behind each Feels expression? In the world of spirit-making, each batch is created with unique ‘profiles’ in mind, working toward a delicate nuance of flavours. We, however, did things a little differently in developing ours. We were inspired by the abstract, mood-driven way perfumers create fragrances with an emotional brief in mind, seeking to evoke places, memories and pleasure. From there, we took the idea of ‘spirit profiles’ into the world of emotion.
The idea of linking botanical notes to the human experience was built into each spirit brief from the beginning. We asked ourselves: how does this mouthfeel, texture and flavour make us feel? Where does it transport us? If it were a song, what would it be? What memories does it evoke?
Letting our senses guide the way, we thought long and hard about how the culmination of each botanical trio merged to form its own unique character. In the end though, and we could not state this enough, our role was always to carve out a map, so to speak, leaving the experience open to the drinker (that’s you). Just as any great novel remains a dialogue between two minds—the author and the reader—how you read, taste and experience Vivify, Revel, Rouse and Bask rests in your hands. Pour over our ‘maps’, each expression profiled, crafted to transport you to an otherworldly place. Read on.
In Spirit: Revel
(verb) to take great pleasure or delight
Destination: Tokyo, Japan
Botanicals: ginseng, coffee, Illawarra plum
Tastes Like: late night oak, velvety chocolate and neon spice
Feels Like: untamed rhythm, a tribe of colour, texture and sound
Sounds Like: ‘All Night’ - Romare from Revel Playlist V.1
Revel is made for the night owl, a toast to the after-dark hours. It’s full moon energy, where inky skies turn to light and the day is reborn. It’s the call of a distant beat, a hazy midnight vision, and electric contact highs. It’s rifling through a dusty record store for the next great find. With a Nostalgic Antipodean bubbling away in one hand, dark chocolate in the other, Revel is dreaming up the next adventure to a labyrinthine neon city, fresh encounters on rooftops at dusk, and the anonymity of merging into a crowded dance floor. A beautiful tribe of colour, texture, sound.
In Spirit: Vivify
(verb) to enlighten, brighten or sharpen the senses
Destination: Noosa, Australia
Botanicals: turmeric, coconut, ginger
Tastes Like: a vibrant, soothing spirit, sweet citrus and painterly cerulean skies
Feels Like: a warm breeze on cool, salty skin, freedom
Sounds Like: ‘Driving On The Moon’ - Joey Pecoraro from Vivify Playlist V.1

Vivify is a desert island state of mind, paradise uncharted. Golden beams bouncing on oceanic ripples at dawn. A cool splash. Serendipity, now. It’s sunkissed shoulders, bare feet on white sand; having absolutely nowhere to be, the air perfumed with sunscreen and coconuts. You’re cocooned in a northerly mid-summer breeze, probably on a hammock, and finally diving into that classic novel over an ice cold Vivifying Mojito. Sounds like where you’d rather be, right? If you’re Vivify in spirit, you’ll know exactly what it means to go with the tide.


In Spirit: Bask
(verb) to lie in pleasant warmth
Destination: Bellingen, Australia
Botanicals: hemp, Quandong, Kakadu plum
Tastes Like: silky, stewed fruit and lowkey spice under dappled light
Feels Like: bare feet in the grass, a daze of earthly bliss
Sounds Like: 'Cómo Te Quiero' - Khruangbin from Bask Playlist V.1
Bask is our ode to mother nature, awash in a daze of earthly bliss. Grounded, earthy, stripped back. It’s the smell of glowing coals and the sound of water slipping over silken moss. Around a campfire with kindred souls, after a day spent wandering freely beneath the cooling canopy of ancient giants, you pass around a simple serve of Bask and Tonic humming with fresh lime. Look up at the shadows and sun, flickering green. Take a deep breath in and let go.


In Spirit: Rouse
(verb) to stir or incite an emotion or feeling
Destination: Paris, France
Botanicals: rose, Davidson plum, horny goat weed
Tastes Like: kissing rhubarb-stained lips
Feels Like: the stomach-flip of new love
Sounds Like: ‘Crush’ - Cigarettes After Sex from Rouse Playlist V.1

Rouse is earnestly, fiercely, hopelessly romantic. Seeing the beauty in the everyday—from rain on the window to the sound of birdsong at dawn —is second nature. You are the eternal optimist. In the age of irony, Rouse resists the urge to explain its reason for being. It’s living for lust and love in a candlelit fever dream. Pressed silk on naked skin. Secrets exchanged over a pottery wheel. Into a fiercely falling sky, old flames ignite, floating over the cobblestoned lanes of Montmartre. You’ve just checked into the Hotel Amour, the bed’s made up of rose petals and a spread from the local fromagerie awaits. The night begins...and begins again with a 4pm Wake Up Call alive with wild summer berries like the spark of first love.


Ready to disappear into a rainforest or bring summer in early with a glass of Vivify? Follow the spirit that speaks to you most.
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