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Feels Botanical Rouse - how its made


Small-batch, Sustainably-produced, and distilled for the perfect moment. We took a deeper dive on Feels Rouse -  What makes this expression unique, how were its flavours crafted and what perfect consumption moment was it designed for.  

Destination: Ashbury, San Francisco
Botanicals: Rose, Davidson Plum, Horny Goat Weed
Tastes Like: Stewed Rhubarb, Stone Fruit and Musk
Feels Like: A full heart, secret smiles and floating through a rose coloured mist
Sounds Like: ‘Make it Better’ - Anderson Paak from Rouse Playlist 1
Serve: With soda, garnished with fresh berries.

What is ROUSE?

Built on a bed of floral Rose, sweet Davidson Plum and earthy Horny Goat Weed, Feels Rouse has been designed specifically to stir passion and desire.

Designed using the same Eau De Vie grape spirit that forms the base of all Feels Botanical expressions, Rouse’s collection of unique botanicals add a depth and character throughout the flavor profile, whilst providing the same consistent, velvety mouthfeel and subtle fruit flavours synonymous with the wider Feels Botanicals range.

Rouse on a well decorated table with a candle and flowers.

Why is ROUSE a unique spirit?

As a piece in the patchwork that is Feels Botanical, Rouse is both a standalone creation and part of a wider collection. Thus, in creating Rouse, whilst aiming to create the quintessential unique harmony of flavours, a key focus was also to create a spirit that enhanced it’s very own moment or occasion.

As founder Steve Pillemer puts it, “we wanted to create a range of products that distilled mood and occasion through flavour, as opposed to a one-drink-fits-all approach.”

Starting with the drinking occasion and working backwards from there has proven to be a winning formula for the feels Botanical range so far. Feels Rouse is a testament to the confluence of both Steve and Blake’s creative vision, liquid development prowess and industry expertise. 

A bottle of Rouse being enjoyed on a picnic rug by two people while eating a cheese board

How does it taste? 

As a confluence of flavours, Rouse is yet another delightfully interesting sip. Perhaps the most Floral to the nose of all the Feels Botanical iterations, it sinks so delicately and beautifully into a symphony of robust and complex flavours that it truly is best enjoyed simply with Soda.

How did you work out the perfect botanical Ratios for Rouse

In talking with founder Blake regarding the development of Rouse, he commented, ​​”We always knew we wanted to develop an expression for the ‘date’ or ‘love’ occasion. It was only a short  exploration into Natural aphrodisiacs before we settled on Rose. It was so aromatic, had amazing aphrodisiac properties, and imparted a pink hue to the liquid which we absolutely LOVED. The work was then devoted to finding something to fill out the treble and the bass so to speak… That is to say, a key focus is getting our ratios to a point where we feel they all work with each other, as well as the subtle velvet of the Eau De Vie base spirit flavour and mouthfeel! . We wanted to create a sensorial and flavour journey, where one did not dominate, but you could experience them all. Whilst we had fallen in love with Rose as the first botanical, it sat very high and needed something to earth and further enliven it. Davidson Plum and Horny Goat weed were the perfect fit and, with some ratio refinement, we hit what we think is the sweet spot - where Rose dominates the nose before giving way to the flavours of Davidson Plum and Earthy Horny Goat Weed. It’s a beautiful combination.”

Where do the botanicals come from? 

All of our botanicals are sourced sustainably in partnership with our B-corp certified distillery. They are all natural, with no added sugars or preservatives. Partnering with forward and ethical Australian made and owned companies has been a cornerstone of Feels Botanical since day one, and our distillery ensures partnerships of the highest quality and ethical standards are maintained to ensure we are bringing the best and most sustainable products to market.

Founder Blake Vanderfield-Kramer in a brewery examining a glass filled with Eau De Vie grape spirit.

How does one enjoy Feels Rouse? 

Rouse, like all Feels Botanical products, is a delightfully versatile spirit. It’s versatility means it can be enjoyed over ice as you and your partner enjoy an evening at home, with Soda paired with a cheese board in an afternoon, or as a vodka substitution in your favourite cocktail to enliven date night. 

If you’ve been following along, you will have seen our Cocktail concoctions for Rouse so far, including: 

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