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Grape‌ ‌Over‌ ‌Grain. - Feels Botanical

Grape‌ ‌Over‌ ‌Grain by Brittany Jenke, Rolling Stones

A‌ ‌new‌ ‌Australian‌ ‌spirit‌ ‌is‌ ‌doing things ‌differently‌ - By Brittany Jenke, Rolling Stones

If you’re ready for a new spirit to tantalise your tastebuds in the world of alcohol, then look no further because Feels Botanical Eau De Vie is what you’re after with their four bold products.

For those tired of the mundane choices at your local, there’s a new kid on the block, and it’s embracing a more natural approach to spirits, rather than your run-of-the-mill grain-based alcohols. That new kid is an Eau De Vie by Feels Botanical, and it’s purely delicious in every single way a grape-based Eau De Vie spirit should be.

Made with a distinct fruit base, this spirit is rich with ancient French origins, with it’s name directly meaning “water of life”. And, for those of us seeking a more natural, local, and green way to consume, Feels Botanical’s line of Eau De Vie spirits are exactly what will quench our thirst.

This spirit isn’t created to be simply the base of a cocktail, but to take the drinking experience to an entirely new level by utilising a unique combination of three key botanicals to bring you a smooth, delicious drink that pays homage to the ancient apothecary craft.

With a smooth, velvety taste that showcases an undertone of fruit, each spirit is grape-based and comes in four distinct products– Bask, Vivify, Rouse, and Revel, and each are created from “sustainably sourced botanicals, creating a harmony of flavours that complement a spectrum of moods and occasions.”
So, for those of us who are wanting to dive into the world of sustainability, quality, and – above all – flavour, then Feels Botanical Eau De Vie spirit line is exactly the drink we’ve been after.

Feels Bask – A blend of hemp, Quandong, and Kakadu plum
So, what flavours does Feels Botanical Eau De Vie come in? First you’ve got Bask – “a blissfully crisp and herbal spirit.” An earthy blend of hemp, Quandong, and Kakadu plum is what gives this spirit a unique flavour profile that delves into a buttery texture.
Next, up is Vivify – “a vibrant and soothing spirit.” With a scrumptious combo of turmeric, coconut, and ginger, this drink boasts a smooth, subtle heat with the spices, while bringing a sweet tinge with the coconut.

Further, there’s the ever-sensual Rouse – “a delicate and wonderfully floral spirit.” Made up of rose, horny goat weed, and Davidson plum, this spirit offers a sweet, yet earthy combination that also marks itself as an aphrodisiac.

Lastly, for those of us wanting something a bit special, there’s Revel – “a lively and seductively smooth spirit.” Comprised of a bold combination of coffee, ginseng, and Illawarra plum, this spirit possesses a strong flavour profile, which brings the best of both bitterness, spiciness, and a tinge of sweet.

Developed by the brilliant minds of co-creators and Australian enthusiasts Blake Vanderfield Kramer and Steve Pillemer, you won’t be left wanting when it comes to these grain-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, no added sugar, 100% natural, and sustainably sourced spirits.

As Pillemer states, “Feels Botanical exists to ignite a creative energy and consciousness in people utilising nature and a progressive approach towards ancient apothecary wisdom to provide a holistic drinking experience and a creative platform that is expressive, inclusive and unadulterated.”

Keen to add something new, exciting, bold, and holistic to your liquor cabinet? Then check out Feels Botanical Eau De Vie spirit line, and embrace your creative spirit – responsibly, of course.

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