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Individually Blended with Zilla - Feels Botanical

Individually Blended with Zilla


Name: Zilla
Where are you living (city & Country): Los Angeles, USA baby!
What you do: I own a film production company called Vault Productions 
Follow along (socials): @mszilla and @vaultprod_

Let’s be honest... Being relentlessly creative is hard, hard work! There’s pressure, vulnerability, judgement, self-doubt, and an inherent difficulty and dangerousness in accessing and opening those peripheral doors of the mind most of us dare not open… And that’s just creativity in a vacuum. It becomes an order of magnitude more difficult to fit the ‘round peg’ that is creativity into the ‘square hole’ that is capitalism. Those that endeavour to work as creatives battle every day for their ideas… And, sometimes, in reward, their ideas do alter discourse. This is the unrelenting pursuit of our first MODUS series creative rebel, Zilla. 

As a filmmaker and storyteller, Zilla focuses the bulk of her energy on creating visual stories for the world of Electronic music, under the banner of her production company Vault Productions. Her pieces illuminate a world of colour, texture and sound and champion the lifestyle, the look and the feel of LA nightlife. It’s absolutely no wonder that she chooses Feels REVEL as her grape spirit of choice - as this is precisely the moment we designed it for. 

We linked up with Zilla for an Individually Blended take on life as a filmmaker in the LA music scene, and her recent time working with us (through the eyes of our Creative Director Leah Barylsky) on our recent MODUS series

What was your emotional connection with the project? What did you feel about it? 

The experience started with vulnerability because I had to show and explain myself as to why I believe I can do more than just one thing in my creative career but it ended as most things do, in a rebellious energy. It was a friendly reminder that I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing and that all started with a choice.

The most memorable and moving moment on that shoot:

Creating with my partner! 


Describe your sensorial experience with the feels product - touch, smell, taste, sounds…

Revel was the last drink of the four I tasted and it was the one that felt most mysterious and impressive to me. There’s more than just one dimension to Revel when you taste it - it embodies layers of senses to me. The way it landed was soft but the way it opened up was smokey and intense. It felt like it was trying to tell me something and I was intrigued by that. 

It was the one that stood out the most because I couldn’t figure it out.

I feel most creative when…

When I have the space and time to daydream

How do you try to challenge the orthodox in your work? 

Questioning the status quo and knowing you’re on the right track when you can’t compare it to anything you’ve seen before. Accepting the challenge in that way. 


I’m preparing for a night out. Here’s where I’m headed…

I’m going to church. Also known as one of my best pals Sam’s house just tucked under downtown LA. The energy starts here before we make our way out to a warehouse party.  

My favourite way to drink Revel is…

On the rocks.


When I’m drinking Revel, I set the mood with this song:

Summer Club Mix - Whomadewho


The person (dead or alive) I’d most like to drink it with…

A drink with Madonna in 1985.


Advice to those wanting to break into your field:

Pick a dream, write that dream down and then dream bigger. Don’t limit yourself to your biggest dream. 

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