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Small-batch, sustainably-produced, and distilled for the perfect moment. We took a deeper dive on Feels Rouse - What makes this expression unique, how were its flavours crafted and what perfect consumption moment was it designed for. Built on a bed of floral Rose, sweet Davidson Plum and earthy Horny Goat Weed, Feels Rouse has been designed specifically to stir passion and desire.

Femme Fatale- by Annabel Cator

Femme Fatale is an immersive experience. I want to redefine the way we experience art. In a traditional sense, it is an exhibition but I hope to provide a portal to something more meaningful. I want people to walk away with more than the art – with memories from a glimpse into a new medium.

Australian Cocktail Month - May 2022

This May Australian Cocktail Month brings you discounts on great cocktails at 145 great bars across 12 cities, supporting bars, bartenders and spirit makers along the way. Feels Botanical is excited to partner with Australian Cocktail Month and bars across Australia which have curated exclusive and incredible cocktails using our unique Australian Eau De Vie Grape spirits for you to try.

Individually Blended with Roadhouse, Byron Bay

Utilising the versatility of Feels Eau De Vie, the “Creative Control” series serves to showcase some of Australia’s most sought-after cocktail creators, capturing their process and approach towards liquid creation, whilst also providing us all with some much needed inspo for our own, at home cocktail-creation game. 

Individually Blended with Lee Gumbs

Understanding the personal differences and lived experiences that provide unique perspectives can really help to direct an artist's vision and differentiate their work… and this certainly is the case for Dancer turned photographer Lee Gumbs. A unique perspective on the human form, and a deep understanding of human movement manifests in Lee’s work in a truly beautiful way.

Feels in Spirit: VIVIFY EXPLORED

Sustainably-sourced botanicals, distilled, blended and batched. We took a deeper dive on feels VIVIFY - what precisely went into creating this expression, crafting it’s taste and envisaging it’s perfect consumption moment. Combining the ancient healing power of Turmeric, with hydrating Coconut and anti-inflammatory Ginger, Feels Vivify has been designed specifically for the love of early mornings.

Feels in Spirit: BASK EXPLORED

Sustainably-sourced botanicals, distilled, blended and batched. We took a deeper dive on feels BASK - what precisely went into creating this expression, crafting it’s taste and envisaging it’s perfect consumption moment. Combining the therapeutic power of Hemp, with the earthy and ancient Australian medicinal fruits of Quandong and Kakadu plum, Feels Bask has been designed specifically in ode to mother nature.

Individually Blended with Taylor K. Thompson

Where and when, precisely, does inspiration hit… And what does it feel like? Does it dawn on you in a way you can store and reuse or does it barrel through you, easy to miss if you’re not looking and difficult to capture in art…. For TAYLOR, creative inspiration strikes with extreme emotion and capturing it can be… well… Difficult. We hope this month’s Individually Blended satisfies your creative feels as much as it did ours.

Feels in Spirit: REVEL EXPLORED

Sustainably-sourced, distilled, blended and batched. We took a deeper dive on feels Revel - creating its uniqueness, crafting it’s taste and envisaging it’s perfect consumption moment. Charged with Ginseng, enhanced with coffee and enriched with Illawarra Plum, Feels Revel has been designed specifically for those perfect moments under a midnight sky. 

Through the Lens by Leah Barylsky

Leah is one of those old souls, with an eye (and camera lens) that never fails to get to the heart of each moment. With her second Feels film now out in the world — you can find that in our journal — we asked her to take us behind-the-scenes into each location to unpack the scenes, and sensations, that went into making it a reality.

Motus - The expression of Feels

Old flames ignite, creatures mingle in a feverish frenzy. We move in perpetual splendour until night turns to light and the day is reborn. Creativity comes from within and without, from solitude as much as it does community. It is this idea Creative Director Leah Barylsky explores as she follows six boundless creatives from Hawaii to Los Angeles in every shade and flavour.

Individually Blended with Leah Barylsky

To celebrate the launch of our latest film, shot with inspiring creatives from Los Angeles to Hawaii, we dialled in with Leah from her home to look back on her journey with us so far and the women in her life that have driven her to keep on creating.

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Explore the world of Feels and embark on a journey of sensory discovery. Each sip can transport you to a different place and time, evoking a unique set of emotions and sensations.Search our cocktails by each unique Feels expression.

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