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Feels Bask Cooling Canopy Spritz

Wandering freely amongst the trees, we thank these ancient giants for their cooling canopy. Enjoy the combination of stewed fruits, citrus and the grounding of earthiness. Create a twist on the classic cocktail spritz with this beautiful blend of Bask and vermouth. 


45ml Feels Botanical BASK
45ml Regal Rogue Lively White
20ml Chamomile Syrup
60ml Soda


Build | Ice

Add all ingredients to chilled wine glass
Add ice to crown above liquid briskly stir
Garnish with lemon oil and skewered grapes


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Feels Bask; a moody meeting of Quandong, Kakadu Plum, and Hemp. Blissfully crisp, deeply earthy, lowkey spicy, and delivering a silky mouth texture, this eau de vie drinks like a good tequila—only much smoother and made from grapes. Less filtration for a natural, cloudy outlook.

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