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Feels in Spirit: BASK EXPLORED - Feels Botanical

Feels in Spirit: BASK EXPLORED

Sustainably-sourced botanicals, distilled, blended and batched. We took a deeper dive on feels BASK - what precisely went into creating this expression, crafting it’s taste and envisaging it’s perfect consumption moment.

Feels Botanical - BASK - Bellingen, Australia

Destination: Bellingen, Australia
Botanicals: Hemp, Quandong, Kakadu plum
Tastes Like: silky, stewed fruit and lowkey spice under dappled light
Feels Like: bare feet in the grass, a daze of earthly bliss
Sounds Like: 'Cómo Te Quiero' - Khruangbin from Bask Playlist V.1
Serve: Simply with Soda and a wedge of Lime

What is BASK?

Combining the therapeutic power of Hemp, with the earthy and ancient Australian medicinal fruits of Quandong and Kakadu plum, Feels Bask has been designed specifically in ode to mother nature.

Designed using the same Eau De Vie grape spirit that forms the base of all Feels Botanical expressions, Bask’s unique collection of botanicals creates an earthy and satiating blend of flavours that opens onto the palate to create a warm and inviting feeling of stripping back and slowing down.

 Feels Botanical, Bask

Why is it unique?

As a piece in the patchwork that is Feels Botanical, Bask was designed to suit grounded, earthy, stripped back moments. Thus, in crafting Bask, whilst aiming to create the quintessential unique harmony of flavours synonymous with all our Feels expressions, a key focus was also to create a spirit that spoke to this particular drinking occasion.

As Founder Blake puts it “Bask is an all absorbing feeling of being nurtured by mother nature”.

Feels Botanical, Bask

Starting with the drinking occasion and working backwards from there has proven to be a winning formula for the feels Botanical range so far, with Bask a testament to the confluence of both Steve and Blake’s creative vision, liquid development prowess and industry expertise.

Feels Botanical, Bask

How does it taste?

Bask is perhaps less bold and more grounded than some of it’s Feels Botanical counterparts. Unlike Revel for instance, which takes on a different flavour profile every time it is enjoyed, Bask hits as more of a smooth, homely and well-rounded spirit, lifted by the Australian fruits and grounded with Hemp.

At its core, Bask is a blissfully crisp and herbal grape spirit - enriched with notes of stewed Kakadu Plum and green apple, earthed with herbal moments and finished with a subtle spice.

Feels Botanical, Bask and Tonic

How was the creation process unique with Bask?

Interestingly, during the development of Bask, there was a bit of an unexpected cloudy texture which developed in the liquid that we did not expect, but which we could not bare to filter out. In talking to Blake regarding the development of Bask, he commented, ​​“in refining our ratios and settling on our final formulation for BASK, we noticed a slightly cloudy look and textural element to the liquid and decided to leave the liquid unfiltered.

We were so happy with the taste that we didn’t want to intervene with it further. We also felt it imparted an honest element to the product that, if removed, would destroy some of what makes BASK such a unique creation. We ended up with a bit of cloud.. And it tasted unreal… So we decided to keep it that way... Simple as that.”

Feels Botanical, Bask

According to Blake, “The key focus in our botanical drink ratios is getting them to a point where we feel they all work with each other, as well as the subtle velvet of the Eau De Vie base spirit flavour and mouthfeel! . We wanted to create a sensorial and flavour journey, where one did not dominate, but you could experience them all.”

Feels Botanical distillery

Where do the botanicals come from?

All of our botanicals are sourced sustainably in partnership with our B-corp certified distillery. They are all natural, with no added sugars or preservatives. Partnering with forward and ethical Australian made and owned companies has been a cornerstone of Feels Botanical since day one, and our distillery ensures partnerships of the highest quality and ethical standards are maintained to ensure we are bringing the best and most eco friendly products to market.

Feels Botanical Drink

How Does one enjoy Feels Bask?

Bask, like all Feels Botanical products, is a delightfully versatile spirit. It’s versatility means it can be enjoyed in virtually any cocktail concoction or simply with soda and a little lime juice. All of our expressions were designed to play to different moods, feelings and occasions, so craft it your way. However, if you want some cocktail inspo on how to drink botanicals, check out our cocktail concoctions for Bask, including:

A twist on the classic margarita recipe: Basking Tommy’s Margarita
The ever-satisfying: How’d You Like Them Apples
The mesmerising: Basking Glory
The earthly: Cooling Canopy

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