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Feels in Spirit: VIVIFY EXPLORED - Feels Botanical

Feels in Spirit: VIVIFY EXPLORED

Sustainably-sourced botanicals, distilled, blended and batched. We took a deeper dive on feels VIVIFY - what precisely went into creating this expression, crafting it’s taste and envisaging it’s perfect consumption moment.

Three images. The first of a blue ocean on a sunny day. The second of a Vivify bottle with a tall cocktail next it it. The third of a woman sitting in a blow up ring on a pool.

Destination: Noosa, Australia
Botanicals: Tumeric, Coconut, Ginger
Tastes Like: a vibrant, soothing spirit, sweet citrus, and painterly cerulean skies
Feels Like: a warm breeze on cool, salty skin, freedom
Sounds Like: 'Driving On The Moon' - Joey Pecoraro from Vivify Playlist v.1
Serve: Vivifying Mojito

What is VIVIFY?

Combining the ancient healing power of Turmeric, with hydrating Coconut and anti-inflammatory Ginger, Feels Vivify has been designed specifically for the love of early mornings. 

Vivify uses the same Eau De Vie grape spirit that forms the base of all Feels Botanical expressions. A unique collection of botanicals create a bright and almost tropical blend of flavours that open high on the palate. This creates a cool and inviting feeling of diving into crystal ocean. 

A hand squeezing a wedge of lime into a tall cocktail glass with mint and lime next to a bottle of Vivify.

Why is VIVIFY a unique spirit?

Whilst aiming to create the quintessential unique harmony of flavours synonymous with all our Feels expressions, Vivify is a spirit that speaks to bright, day time adventurous drinking occasions. 

As Founder Blake puts it “If I were to sum up Vivify in a couple of words… it’d probably be ‘paradise uncharted”. 

A bottle of Vivify lying on an orange towel with a set of cards dealed out and two cards leaning against the bottle.

Starting with the drinking occasion and working backwards from there has proven to be a winning formula for the feels Botanical range so far. Vivify is a testament to the confluence of both Steve and Blake’s creative vision, liquid development prowess and industry expertise. 


How does it taste? 

Vivify has a certain vibrancy to it. Starting with the brightness of coconut, it then sinks into a mellow spice, anchored by notes of freshly snapped Ginger root and the earthiness of Turmeric.

Where do the botanicals come from? 

All of our botanicals are sourced sustainably in partnership with our B-corp certified distillery. They are made with natural resources, with no added sugars or preservatives. Partnering with forward and ethical Australian made and owned companies has been a cornerstone of Feels Botanical since day one. Our distillery ensures partnerships of the highest quality and ethical standards are maintained to ensure we are bringing the best and most eco friendly products to market.

A person standing behind a dark bench top with Feels Botanical bottles and food laid out on platters.

How does one enjoy Feels Vivify? 

Like all Feels Botanical products, Vivify is a delightfully versatile spirit. It’s versatility means it can be enjoyed in virtually any refreshing cocktail concoction. All of our expressions were designed to play to different moods, feelings and occasions, so craft it your way. However, if you want some cocktail inspo, check out the best cocktail recipes for Vivify so far, including:

A twist on the classic White Rum Mojito Recipe: Vivifying Mojito
The Simple Moscow Mule Alternative: Vivify and Ginger Beer
The calming: Serendipity Serve
The Jazzy: Vivify Espresso Martini  

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