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Feels in Spirit: REVEL EXPLORED - Feels Botanical

Feels in Spirit: REVEL EXPLORED

Sustainably-sourced, distilled, blended and batched. We took a deeper dive on feels Revel - creating it’s uniqueness, crafting it’s taste and envisaging it’s perfect consumption moment. 

Feels Botanical Revel

Destination: Tokyo, Japan
Botanicals: ginseng, coffee, Illawarra plum
Tastes Like: late night oak, velvety chocolate and neon spice
Feels Like: untamed rhythm, a tribe of colour, texture and sound
Sounds Like: ‘All Night’ - Romare from Revel Playlist V.1
Serve: Over ice with a wedge of orange 

What is REVEL?

Charged with Ginseng, enhanced with coffee and enriched with Illawarra Plum, Feels Revel has been designed specifically for those perfect moments under a midnight sky. 
Designed using the same Eau De Vie grape spirit that forms the base of all Feels Botanical expressions, Feels Revel’s collection of unique botanicals add depth and character throughout the flavour profile, whilst providing the same consistent velvety mouthfeel and subtle fruit mouthfeel synonymous with the wider Feels Botanicals range. 
Feels Botanical Revel Eau de vie

Why is it unique?

As a piece in the patchwork that is Feels Botanical, Revel is both a standalone creation and part of a wider collection. Thus, in crafting Revel, whilst aiming to create the quintessential unique harmony of flavours, a key focus was also to create a spirit that enhanced it’s very own moment or occasion. 
As founder Steve Pillemer puts it, “we wanted to create a range of products that distilled mood and occasion through flavour, as opposed to a one-drink-fits-all approach.” 
Feels botanical revel eau de vie
In Revel’s case, the desired consumption moment, from which the liquid was engineered, has always been evening adventures: labyrinthine neon cities, fresh encounters on rooftops at dusk, and the anonymity of merging into a crowded dance floor. Or, as Founder Blake puts it “Revel is a beautiful tribe of colour, texture and sound.” 
Accentuate your feel revelaccentuate your feels revel
Starting with the drinking occasion and working backwards from there has proven to be a winning formula for the feels Botanical range so far, with Revel a testament to the confluence of both Steve and Blake’s creative vision, liquid development prowess and industry expertise. 

How does it taste? 

As a confluence of flavours, Revel is extremely interesting. It’s one of those spirits that tastes totally different every time you drink it. Enjoy it neat and it accentuates certain flavours, add ice and it takes on entirely new characteristics. The degree to which the profile of flavours created by the three unique botanicals reacts to new flavour additions is truly magical and makes for a very fun drinking experience. 
At its core, Revel hits as a lively spirit before becoming seductively smooth. The bold combination of ginseng, coffee and Illawarra plum endow the spirit with notes of silky fruit, spice and chocolate come in waves. It floats, then it slowly sinks into the palette. It’s Nostalgic - like a well worn leather jacket. 
Feels Botanical Revel eau de vie

How do you work out the perfect botanical Ratios?

It’s important to note that Revel is not a coffee flavoured spirit, but rather a botanical Eau De Vie with the addition of Ginseng, Coffee and Illawarra Plum.  
In talking to Blake regarding the development of Revel, he commented, ​​“It was the inclusion of coffee in Feels Revel which proved most delicate. We didn’t want the natural robustness of the bean to overpower the other botanicals, but the flavour and natural colour it added to the spirit was really delighting us… With some ratio refinement, we hit what we think is the sweet spot – where the coffee dominates the nose but quickly gives way to the flavours of Ginseng and Illawarra Plum on the pallet. It’s truly remarkable. A beautiful combination.” 
Feels Botanical distillery Feels Botanical distillery Feels Botanical distillery
According to Blake, “The key focus in our botanical ratios is getting them to a point where we feel they all work with each other, as well as the subtle velvet of the Eau De Vie base spirit flavour and mouthfeel! . We wanted to create a sensorial and flavour journey, where one did not dominate, but you could experience them all.”  

Where do the botanicals come from? 

All of our botanicals are sourced sustainably in partnership with our B-corp certified distillery. They are all natural, with no added sugars or preservatives. Partnering with forward and ethical Australian made and owned companies has been a cornerstone of Feels Botanical since day one, and our distillery ensures partnerships of the highest quality and ethical standards are maintained to ensure we are bringing the best and most sustainable products to market.
Feels Botanical distillery.

How Does one enjoy Feels Revel? 

Revel, like all Feels Botanical products, is a delightfully versatile spirit. Its versatility means it can be enjoyed over ice with a wedge of orange as you sit by your fireplace reading your favourite poet, as a classic Old fashion while dancing to your favourite DJ in Tokyo or as a twist on a negroni after dinner at home. All of our expressions were designed to play to different moods, feelings and occasions, so craft it your way. 
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