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Through the Lens by Leah Barylsky - Feels Botanical

Through the Lens by Leah Barylsky

A romantic at heart, a Director by trade, and the woman who helped shape the creative direction of Feels from day one.

Name: Leah Barylsky 
Born in: Palm Springs, Florida Springs
Currently living in: Los Angeles 
What you do: Director
Follow on: @labarylsky, @vaultprod_ 
Leah is one of those old souls, with an eye (and camera lens) that never fails to get to the heart of each moment. With her second Feels film now out in the world — you can find that in our journal — we asked her to take us behind-the-scenes into each location to unpack the scenes, and sensations, that went into making it a reality.
I spent the afternoon and evening with Kayko and Tori, a creative couple deeply in love. This is Tori singing with Kayko, having a laugh in between.
I took this picture of my best friend Calla while we were surfing one afternoon. We stayed on the beach for hours and finally jumped in to catch some waves as the sun started to set. My memory of this is how comforted I felt by the ocean and grateful for the person I was filming floating in front of me.
This is Taylor at his mothers ranch along the coast of East Oahu. We spent the afternoon singing around the jungle and on the dock by the water. The landscape of this place has such a gentle but powerful energy to it.
This is a scene of Lee taking photos of his friend Brooke. Lee lives in a loft in the DTLA and sets up his photography studio in his living room. He oozes creativity and the way he can capture a human is unparalleled to me.
A moment captured of Zilla watching the waves on the North Shore of Oahu. This was a day before New Years and we had spent the day simply - biking, a breathe work class in the backyard with friends and walking along the beach. Watching this moment now, I feel like it captures the 'calm before the storm' type of feeling.
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