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Individually Blended with Lee Gumbs - Feels Botanical

Individually Blended with Lee Gumbs

What drives an artist’s creativity? What separates their style from the mass of discourse? and how do creative individuals derive success from it?

Understanding the personal differences and lived experiences that provide unique perspectives can really help to direct an artist's vision and differentiate their work… and this certainly is the case for Dancer turned photographer Lee Gumbs. A unique perspective on the human form, and a deep understanding of human movement manifests in Lee’s work in a truly beautiful way.

We were very happy to dive into his world for this month’s Individually Blended link up. We hope it inspires you as it did us.

Name: Lee Gumbs
Where are you living (city & Country): Los Angeles, CA
What you do: Photography
Follow along (socials): @leegumbsphotography

What was your emotional connection with the project? What did you feel about it?

I felt immediate excitement to be representing Vivify and the correlation it has to water.

Two people with a disco ball between their heads

The most memorable and moving moment on that shoot:

Watching the opulence radiate from the black artists I was working with is something I’ll never forget.


I feel most creative when…

It’s the middle of the night and I’ve had a few drinks and I start creating with my friends.

Lee photographing a model posed on a yellow backdrop in front of a fan.

How do you try to challenge the orthodox in your work?

I just try to keep evolving and creating original work

A print on a wall with a model on it with bright colours painted across their face

I’m preparing for a night out. Here’s where I’m headed…

Probably to after hours, I’ve met the most creative beings there!


My favourite way to drink Vivify is…

With some sort of grapefruit juice mixed into it.


When I’m drinking Vivify, I set the mood with this song:

Binz by solange

A person in a dancing in front of a wall of windows

The person (dead or alive) I’d most like to drink it with…

Kate Moss


Advice to those wanting to break into your field:

Keep practicing - trial and error is essential to growth.

White wash meeting the sand

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