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In Spirit: A Mood For Each Expression

In the world of spirit-making, each batch is created with unique ‘profiles’ in mind, working toward a delicate nuance of flavours. We, however, did things a little differently in developing ours. We were inspired by the abstract, mood-driven way perfumers create fragrances with an emotional brief in mind, seeking to evoke places, memories and pleasure. From there, we took the idea of ‘spirit profiles’ into the world of emotion.

Individually Blended with Liam Costello

Throughout last year’s early 2020 lockdown, our co-creators Blake and Steve found themselves nearing the finish line of liquid development. Our initial plans of in-person sample tasting with our friend, mentor and award-winning Master Distiller, Liam Costello, were ultimately derailed—and so, we had no choice but to take it online. 

Facere- The production of Feels Botanical

We are so glad to have documented the story of Feels from early ideas to first batch. Here, we present to you a technical, ethereal glimpse into the broad horizons travelled, inspiration found, and decisions distilled to deliver this unique grape-based spirit into your hands. Pour a glass, sit back, hit play. 

From Vineyard To Distillery: How Feels Is Made

Sustainably-sourced, distilled, blended and batched. We're getting technical and lifting the lid on our spirit-making process. As autumn settles in each year, and as grape-picking winds down and the seasonal workers move on, vineyards may often find they’re left with too much fruit to process for the year’s vintage. In the wine industry, this is known as an ‘oversupply.’ Along with an allocated order, oversupply forms the bulk of our eau de vie spirit base. Bottom line is, with the majority of fruit coming from vineyards that would otherwise have to throw them out, this approach is about as sustainable as it gets. Less wastage, lower spirit miles.

This is where our narrative begins.

Born in the ancient, wild and fertile Australian continent, Feels Botanical embraces the wonders of our natural home to deliver a holistic drinking experience and a creative platform that is expressive, inclusive and unadulterated. This motion film is a journey through the land we live on and work with to craft the Feels Botanical range. 

Individually Blended with Zilla

Let’s be honest... Being relentlessly creative is hard, hard work! There’s pressure, vulnerability, judgement, self-doubt, and an inherent difficulty and dangerousness in accessing and opening those peripheral doors of the mind most of us dare not open… And that’s just creativity in a vacuum.

Meet the Creators

There are those times, for periods however long, when life lacks colour. When what we do no longer holds purpose, or when we have outgrown our circumstances. Years ago, it was from that spirit that our four botanical eau de vie came to be. Between our co-creators, Blake Vanderfield-Kramer and Steve Pillemer, it was the desire to inject the colour back in that led to a conversation about creative purpose, the future of craft spirits, and giving back. 

Grape‌ ‌Over‌ ‌Grain by Brittany Jenke, Rolling Stones

If you’re ready for a new spirit to tantalise your tastebuds in the world of alcohol, then look no further because Feels Botanical Eau De Vie is what you’re after with their four bold products. For those tired of the mundane choices at your local, there’s a new kid on the block, and it’s embracing a more natural approach to spirits, rather than your run-of-the-mill grain-based alcohols.

Explore More Cocktails

Explore the world of Feels and embark on a journey of sensory discovery. Each sip can transport you to a different place and time, evoking a unique set of emotions and sensations.Search our cocktails by each unique Feels expression.

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